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Successful Outcomes Attained by Alders & Lewellyn

Resolutions over $100,000

$2,519,772.00 – Attorney Lewellyn was part of a trial team that obtained a substantial jury verdict. The offer before going to trial was less than $300,000. 

$2,100,000.00 – Minor Plaintiff was hurt as a result of the negligence of an apartment complex maintaining their property in a reasonable manner. 

$1,800,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Attorney Lewellyn obtained one of the largest jury verdicts in Benton County Mississippi. Plainitff was driving home with his family in the car when the Defendant struck the Plaintiff head on. Defendant was working for a large company at the time of the collision. Plaintiff had multiple surgeries and the insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer. Attornrey Lewellyn was on the trial team for a trial that lasted over a week and obtained a 1.8 million dollar verdict. 

$1,387,762.93 – Slip and Fall – Plaintiff was an invitee in Defendant’s establishment and was directed to the back of the establishment where a large dog roaming at large bit Plaintiff causing him to fall and break his leg. Prior to trial, Defendant offered less than $300,000. Plaintiff rejected this offer based on Attorney Alders and Attorney Lewellyn’s advice and proceeded to trial and achieved a jury verdict of $1,387,762.93. 

$1,200,000.00 – Apartment Shooting –  Attorney Lewellyn represented a decedents mother in a situation where Plaintiff’s daughter was tragically murdered outside of her apartment complex. This apartment complex had a history to neglecting the safety of their residents and Attorney Lewellyn was able to use this history to achieve a large settlement for Plaintiff. 

$715,000.00 – Tragically, Plaintiff was thrown off a MATA bus by a security guard and passed away from his injuries. However, Plaintiff was not in a stable financial situation and did not have any known family members. However,  through diligent research, Attorney Alders was able to locate a very distant relative and obtain a settlement of $715,000 settlement in mediation. 

$650,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Accident – Plaintiff was operating a tractor trailer in Shelby County, Tennessee and was struck from behind by another tractor trailer. Even after being struck from behind, Plaintiff exhibited a tremendous amount of bravery by pulling Defendant and his son-in-law from their burning truck. Attorney Alders and Attorney Lewellyn were able to establish the Defendant fell asleep prior to the car accident and obtain a large settlement in mediation. 

$355,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was not able to obtain much medical treatment after the accident because of unforeseen circumstances. After months of litigation and over ten depositions, Attorney Alders settled the case in mediation for $355,000. 

$275,000 – Bicycle Accident – On his way home from a recreational bike excursion, Plaintiff was struck by an individual with a minimum policy of $25,000. Attorney Alders was able to resolve that settlement within weeks and then proceeded to Plaintiff’s UIM policy of $250,000. Not only did Attorney Alders recover the maximum amount of bodily injury coverage, but he was also able to recover an additional $20,000 for his client’s bicycle and other property damage. 

$155,000 – Animal Attack – Plaintiff was visiting a friend’s house while her friend was out of town. During this time, Plaintiff was assisting in the care of her friends animals when one of the animals pecked her. This wound soon became infected and Plainitff had to seek medical treatment. After multiple depositions and multiple set of written discovery were exchanged by the parties, Plaintiff settled her case for $155,000. 

$130,000 – Wrongful Death – Plaintiff’s adult daughter was involved in a fatal hit and run car accident. After being turned down by multiple law firms because the deceased did not have insurance and the at-fault party left the scene of the car accident. However, Attorney Alders was able to use his legal knowledge to find $130,000 in coverage for the Plaintiff’s family and recover the full amount. 

$126,301 – Plaintiff was involved in a car accident in Mississippi and had incurred approximately $30,000 in medical expenses and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries. After resolving an insurance dispute, Attorney Alders was able to settle for the at-fault parties’ policy limits and recover an additional $75,000 from the Plaintiff’s UIM policy. 

$125,000 – Slip and Fall

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Plaintiff was traveling in Cordova, TN and proceeding southbound on Houston Levee Road when the Defendant exited the TJ Mulligans and turned left in front of our client and caused a car accident. Plaintiff was not able to avoid the car accident and struck the driver side of Defendant’s vehicle at a low rate or speed. Attorney Alders was able to resolve Plaintiff’s case within a year for the full policy limits of $100,000. 

$100,000 – Motorcycle Accident

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Plaintiff was involved in a car accident with mimium property damage. Plaintiff eventually incurred over $25,000 in medical bills and was offered less than $8,000 by his own insurance company. Plaintiff signed with Alders and Lewellyn and after three weeks of being on the case, Attornrey Alders was able to settle the matter for Plaintiff’s policy limits of $100,000. 


The Core Values Behind All Our Work


At Alders & Lewellyn, our core value is delivering results – we are committed to tirelessly fighting for justice on behalf of those who have been wronged.


Trust is at the heart of everything we do – we are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients by providing unwavering support and fighting passionately for their rights.


Integrity is a core value that guides all of our actions – we believe in conducting ourselves with honesty and transparency while always prioritizing our clients’ best interests.


Accountability is a fundamental value that ensures we take full responsibility for our actions, holding ourselves to the highest standards as we diligently advocate for justice on behalf of our clients.